Fire Department 2016 Budget

The McLendon-Chisholm Volunteer Fire Department’s [MCVFD] budget is $269,671, which is $155,671 more than the previous year, a 136% increase.

MCVFD Chief Jones invited Robert Steinhagen to sit down together with Herman Larkin & Lieutenant Kenny Griffith to review the budget proposal on Friday, August 21, out of concern that the public may receive misinformation from us absent understanding about the nature & purpose of the increase.

CFRGMC is grateful to the Chief for taking the initiative to ensure that the facts about MCVFD’s proposed increase is not hidden from the public.  

CFRGMC is not prepared to provide any recommendation about the proposed budget, except to reiterate our concern that essential city services, like the fire department, are not a priority of the Mayor or City Council, as the new city hall building has come first.  We hope that our efforts to stop construction of the city hall building so that it can be redesigned to conform with the original established budget of $1.5M, may allow funding to go toward increases in city services like these without exceeding a tax rate of $0.16.  

The MCVFD budget proposal can be viewed by clicking below, which include Robert’s handwritten notes that were taken during the meeting.  This proposal cannot be found on the city’s website as of August 23, 2015.