(Originally posted on May 08, 2016) The most fundamental of my goals is imposing restrictions on our city government to ensure that in the future THE PEOPLE must first give consent to:

  • raise the tax rate,
  • go into debt,
  • take away the personal liberty of what citizens can do on their own property, and/or
  • violate the standards of our city that are supposed to protect our wide-open spaces & more rural lifestyle!

More than any other action we take, these four items will forever save our city from rogue officials and special interest groups from hijacking the unique lifestyle that is sure to turn MC into the most treasured communities in North Texas.

In addition, I hope to either act or begin the process to act on the following in these first one hundred days (in no particular order):

  • ACCOMPLISHED!!!  Pass a Senior Tax Cap.  This will protect our senior citizens from future MC tax-rate increases by locking-in the current rate (seniors can already lock-in the current tax rate for County and School taxes, but the city council must first approve this before it can carry-over to city taxes).
  • ACCOMPLISHED!!!  Enact parliamentary procedures under Robert’s Rules of Order to govern all meetings of the council. This will ensure that power-hungry leaders cannot quash citizens and members of the council.
  • ACCOMPLISHED!!!  Adopt a “Code of Ethics.”  This should include comprehensive and more rigorous transparency standards for city government.
  • IN PROCESS: Begin the process to add a NOAA warning siren or sirens inside the MC city limits.
  • IN PROCESS: Repeal the newly adopted city plan.   The city plan was constructed using a flawed vision for the city guided by special interest groups to the detriment and without the input or consent of the people of MC.
  • IN PROCESS: Determine if a City Administrator truly benefits the city.
    • Evaluate the current City Administrator’s performance and determine if the city is best served by this individual.
  • Determine is a City Planner truly benefits the city.
    • Evaluate the current City Planner’s performance and determine if the city is best served by this individual.
  • Evaluate the current City Attorney.
    • Some actions/inactions of the city attorney demonstrates insufficient competence to effectively serve the city and protect citizen’s-rights at the most basic levels.
  • DONE.  Evaluate why part-time clerical help has been deemed necessary.  Based on workload, at this time I do see the need for this part time assistance.
  • ACCOMPLISHED!!!  Establish an ordinance restricting the city council from designating its members with honors that should be reserved for citizens only.  This year, while he was running for re-election, the “Citizen of the Year” was bestowed upon Councilman Steve Hatfield!  Other members of city council have also received this honor while they were still on the council!!!
  • ACCOMPLISHED!!!  Restrict the membership of any city committee that is appointed by the mayor &/or council to valid registered voters of MC.
  • ACCOMPLISHED!!!  Prohibit developers/homebuilders, or related parties from serving on any city committee that deals with the planning and zoning of the community.
  • IN PROGRESS: Create a new city website that is better suited to meet the needs of the community and help the city better communicate with citizens.
  • IN PROGRESS: Evaluate the “real” cost of the city hall construction and report the findings to the people.
    • Determine why the city paid for thirteen acres of property for the purpose of building a new city hall when eight of that thirteen were supposed to be given to the city, according to the Triple Creek development agreement.
    • Consider and identify possible buyers for the city hall and the property.
    • If the city hall and property can sell for at least what was invested by the city, then put the city hall and property up for sale.
    • Evaluate a new location to build a new city hall that meets the needs of the city with an emphasis on becoming a city center, rather than municipal office space, one that can be built for less than $1 million.
  • IN PROGRESS: Determine the “real” value of the furniture purchased for the new city-hall.  The city spent $61,559.74 on office furniture in a city that has just two employees!
    • Consider selling the furniture in exchange for less-expensive furniture that is better suited for our city and that doesn’t needlessly fill empty offices that will likely sit empty for years to come.
  • ACCOMPLISHED!!!  Evaluate why the city council needs iPads with data plans?
  • Establish an ordinance that prohibit the city from taking on new financial liabilities that fail to serve the majority of the people without voters’ expressed consent.
  • Establish standards of accountability between RCH and the city.
  • Establish higher standards of accountability between the MC Volunteer Fire Department & the city.
    • Require the disclosure and distribution of an annual financial audit.
  • REBUFFED!  Engage and coordinate with the MC Volunteer Fire Department to improve their fundraising efforts.  THE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT STATED THAT THEY DO NOT WISH TO BE IN THE FUNDRAISING BUSINESS! 

He whose ear listens to the life-giving reproof will dwell among the wise. He who neglects discipline despises himself, but he who listens to reproof acquires understanding. The fear of the LORD is the instruction for wisdom, And before honor comes humility.

-Proverbs 15:31-33